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Release notes

Sailfish version


  • Charging animation when charged power off (actdead).
  • Bluetooth mac address is now correct.
  • Bluetooth state is restored after reboot.
  • Led blinks now a bit faster, as intended originally.
  • Voicecall volume can now be adjusted.
  • Enhancements

  • Display pixel-ratio is 1.75 by default (can be revert to 2.0 if it is too small).
  • Added kernel drivers for USB Wifi adapters (RaLink).
  • Jolla Store is now available.
  • Known issues

  • Reboot after clean install (twrp flashing) is needed. Do not enable wifi, mac address is wrong.
  • Voicecall volume on speakerphone mode does not work.
  • Compass. Just don't go orienteering with it.
  • FM Radio can't be listened over bluetooh, claims headphones are not plugged in when paired with audio device.
  • Time left till the battery is full is reported as a negative value.
  • systemd spams "Time has been changed" on every resume. Fix merged upstream
  • Double-tap to wake screen when in actdead mode (charging when turned off) doesn't work.To be fixed in Beta-5
  • File named 1 is created in / during boot. To be fixed in Beta-5
  • OTA update

    Set new repositories
    ssu ar adaptation-temp
    ssu ar adaptation-temp-common
    ssu re
    Check repositories and disable all other repositories
    Update store via UI afterwards (TBD)
    ssu lr
    Enabled repositories (global):
     - apps     ...
     - hotfixes ...
     - jolla    ...
    Enabled repositories (user):
     - adaptation-temp        ...
     - adaptation-temp-common ...
    Perform update
    devel-su zypper clean -a
    devel-su zypper ref -f
    version --dup
    After update, you see two new repositories in global:
     - adaptation-community        ...
     - adaptation-community-common ...
    These are now the primary reporisotiries used for future updates.
    You need to remove the duplicate repos; adaptation-temp and adaptation-temp-common which were created before update.
    You can also remove old repos; dhd and mw.

    If you don't see them both, try following:
    devel-su touch /usr/share/ssu/features.d/*

    -kimmoli 2016-12-26